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Release Date29.03.2012
DeveloperReality Pump
PublisherTopware Interactive
PEGI Rating+3
Supported LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Operating SystemsWindows
GenresAction/Adventure, Arcade
Graphic: 128MB

Graphic: 128MB
Ex Tax: ₺201.88
Thanks to brilliant 3D-graphics and new technology, a cult classic has been transformed into a highly addictive masterpiece. "3SwitcheD" offers six diversified challenges and uncounted hours of gaming fun, including unlockable bonus levels and the never-ending chase for the elusive high score. The innovative 3D-ETTM Face-Tracking Technology takes your game to the next level: a camera will scan your movement in front of the screen in real time! The unique technology analyzes the position of your face in relation to the screen, and adjusts the playing field in real time as you target diamonds!

The hunt for the elusive Tania Diamonds begins! In the entertainment capital of Zeta Reticuli, TopWare Interstellar Entertainment has opened the hottest new Arcade in the galaxy. The Arcade has also installed the newest tech in the universe: 3D- ETTM Face-Tracking Technology. This unique innovation analyzes the position of your face in regards to the screen and adapts the perspective in real time! Special gravity conditions in the power field of the Arcade keep precious and rare Tania diamonds at your disposal. Send them off into orbit in six different game modes as you chase diamonds and online high scores!

- An innovative 3D-edition of a cult classic

- Six different game modes.

- Strategically move diamonds to gain access to score-multiplying bonus levels in Clearing Clusters.

- Sprint into high scores by quickly combining diamonds in Snazzy Swap.

- In Falling Stars, your only enemy is the clock. Make rows and columns of diamonds as long as possible, but be

careful of overcrowding the playing field!

- In Pathfinder, move diamonds strategically to keep the paths open.

- In Moving 4-ward, bonus events will test your gem swapping strategies.

- In Gravity Switch, up is down and down is up! Use the changing gravity fields to your advantage and gain access

to the bonus multiplier levels!

- Easy to learn gameplay with high replay value

- State of the art graphics guarantees optical bliss

- Choose between 2 harmonious sound tracks / music scores

- Professional voice recordings, with the option to choose between a male and a female voice

- Supports 3D-ET™ Technology

- Track your score against others online!

- Two modes with bonus-levels!
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