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Against the Storm - Early Access
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You are the Viceroy – a leader charged by the Scorched Queen to reclaim the wilderness and discover lost riches for the Smoldering City, civilization’s last bastion against the Blightstorm that destroyed the old world. Unlike most survival city builders where your focus is on a single city, in Again..
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Boundary - Early Access
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Boundary is a multiplayer tactical space-based shooter that puts players in the role of a heavily armed astronaut, called an Astroperator, engaging in fierce team vs team zero gravity firefights and executing low-gravity operations on orbiting space installations against other enemy Astroperators an..
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Car Trader Simulator
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ABOUT THIS GAME Welcome to the Car Trader Simulator! It's here where you'll be able to play the role of the American car dealer who is going to make his business famous in the whole city. You yourself will be able to decide how are you going to do it through a complex campaign. This game will let y..
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Definitely Not Fried Chicken
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Definitely Not Fried Chicken "For All Your Legitimate Fake Business Needs!" Definitely Not Fried Chicken is a business management sim with a Twist! Grow your drugs trade through legitimate fronts by managing both sides of the business. Acquire new "businesses", meet new clientele, develop more..
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Giants Uprising
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Giants Uprising is a medieval fantasy action adventure game full of Giants and unlimited destruction! Take on the role of a powerful Giant who finally breaks free from enslavement to seek revenge on the ruthless human race. You probably have fought giants in other games and it was a challenging t..
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NEBULOUS: Fleet Command - Early Access
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Take command of a fleet of space warships tailored to your exact play-style. Favor a small task group of robust, flexible multi-role combatants, a large group of specialized ships, or something in between. Do battle in a heavily simulation-based tactical game featuring everything from kinetics and b..
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REMEDIUM: Sentinels (Early Access)
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DISCOVER THE HISTORY OF THE REMEDIUM WORLDDiscuss the game on Discord!About the gameRemedium: Sentinels is an auto shooter with roguelite elements. More than a century has passed since the Gray Plague turned most people into ferocious, malformed mutants, and only a few cities have been able to stand..
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Renfield: Bring Your Own Blood - Early Access
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Inspired by the events of the movie from Universal Pictures, Dracula has tasked you with a simple job - do everything he wants you to do for the rest of his immortal life. It's a demanding gig, but the benefits are great - immortality, mystic powers and a high-fiber diet of mostly insects. Renfie..
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Sands of Aura
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A ruinous cataclysm unleashed by a tormented god descended the world of Talamhel into perpetual night. The hourglass of time was shattered and its essence poured across the land, creating an endless sea of sand. The once-flourishing world of Talamhel became a putrid lesion of its former glory and th..
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Scholar of the Arcane Arts
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Scholar of the Arcane Arts is a Roguelike Action RPG where you must rely on your knowledge of how magic actually works to survive. The five Planes of magic have invaded your world. As a Scholar, you now need to learn new spells by collecting magic scrolls. You must solve puzzles, unlock secret dunge..
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Superfuse - Early Access
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About the Game Superfuse is a hack-and-slash, Action RPG that is a love letter to Diablo 2 with a twist: a unique Fuse System which allows you to hyper-tailor your hero’s skills based on your unique play style. Demolish hordes of grotesque abominations alone or with up to 3 friends as you uncover..
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Superfuse Soundtrack
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The official soundtrack of Superfuse is a 16-track original composition by award-winning composer Michael McCann, famous for his work on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, and Borderlands 3. In this soundtrack, Michael McCann manages to weave an atmospheric dystop..
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