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Trove - Jump Starter Pack
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Arkadaşlarınızı toplayın, bıçaklarınızı bileyin ve nihai aksiyon MMO'su Trove'da maceraya doğru yola çıkın!Everything you need for a strong start!*Includes*- TROV-3 Rocket Mount- 4 Rows of Inventory Slots- 10 Chaos Chests- 10 Greater Dragon Caches- 10 Super Style Stashes..
₺71.50 ₺100.84
Ex Tax:₺71.50
Trove - Mega Menagerie Pack
In Stock -29 %
Set off for adventure with the supersized Mega Menagerie Pack! Bursting with blocky goodness, this epic pack contains more than 40 awesome items that’ll help you style and profile across the multiverse.Tanbleddyn of the Western Peaks Dragon EggFulguras, the Lightning Blade Dragon Egg*6 Magnificent M..
₺80.00 ₺112.97
Ex Tax:₺80.00
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