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The remote town of Okunezato is shaped like a crescent moon and shrouded in dark myths and legends. Take on the role of a brave young woman journeying into the unknown to uncover dangerous truths and locate her missing brother with her childhood friend. They find the area rife with mystery and popul..
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Grand Brix Shooter
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Board the Brix Core, piloted by Prince Brix himself. Combine aircrafts in different ways to gain abilities and grab crystals to boost your firepower.It'll take split-second decisions, expert control, and a bit of luck to survive this gauntlet. Can Prince Brix defeat the evil looming before him and s..
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Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk
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Uncover the secret – Unite the clansIn a town ruled by opposing clans and overshadowed by superstition and legend, a child is born with the dreaded mark of a witch.She conceals her identity until the theft of a mysterious relic brings to light a series of staggering revelations.The mysteries she wil..
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Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly
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Awakening in a mysterious mansion, her first, frantic thoughts are:'Where am I? And more importantly, WHO am I?'She encounters several young men in the same predicament trapped and missing their memories. To survive they must hunt black butterflies and claim kaleidoscope shards from the horrific mon..
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Ultra Age
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Slash your way through a futuristic Earth overrun with ruthless mutants and powerful robots as Age, a young soldier sent on a mission to prevent the destruction of humankind. Ultra Age is a high-speed character action title co-developed by Next Stage and Visual Dart with Unreal Engine 4. In a dis..
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