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Car Mechanic Simulator VR
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Repair, customization, and tuning. Hundreds of parts and possibilities make this game an almost perfect car mechanic simulator. Many car mechanics consider it the most realistic simulator they have played. painting and customizing the car in any way you want a dozen tools almost 1000 unique pa..
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Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun
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Celestial doom. This is the fate that awaits humanity. In Edo, Japan, the great cataclysm has been foreseen by a most unlikely soul — a Master Thief. Your mother. You are a common pickpocket, transformed by the cataclysm into a lethal Ninja with lightning mobility. The Ramen Seller becomes a Samura..
₺346.00 ₺432.49
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Sifu (Steam)
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Sifu is the new game of Sloclap, the independent studio behind Absolver. A third person action game featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, it puts you in control of a young Kung-Fu student on a path of revenge.Is one life enough to have Kung Fu?Sifu is the story of a young Kung Fu student on a path ..
₺692.28 ₺1,153.80
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Sifu - Deluxe Edition (Steam)
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Get the ultimate Sifu experience with the Deluxe Edition, including "The Art of Sifu" artbook, the official soundtrack, sharp outfits to fight with style, and spice up your photo editing with the exclusive Photo Mode Cinematic Pack! The Deluxe Edition includes: - The base game - The “Art of ..
₺952.55 ₺1,586.58
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Tank Mechanic Simulator VR
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Tank Mechanic Simulator VR is a truly original experience. Feel like a real heavy-duty mechanic and immerse yourself in deep environmental interactions. RENOVATE and BUILD using different tools. Grow your repair service business. CUSTOMIZE, DRIVE a tank on the training ground, SELL it, or put it int..
₺309.44 ₺562.62
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Timberman VR
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A devilishly addictive retro arcade video game that goes into 3D and beyond. TimberMan VR is a simple game whose charm lies in its lack of storyline, while the advantage - is in your skill set. EASY TO LEARN HARD TO MASTER The game offers a simple and straightforward concept but with increasin..
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